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Peak Oil, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Life 

WE HAVE MOVED as of January 6, 2014.

We are now a Meetup Group, "Colorado Earth Activists."  

For details, check out our Meetup site:

Needed: a discussion of ecology and economics


Check out the Price of Oil ($ / Barrel -- West Texas Intermediate) at Alaska Tax Division

Best single source of peak oil news: -- register for free and download their "Peak Oil News" (daily) or "Peak Oil Review" (weekly) communications

OR check out for excellent running commentary on issues of the day

OR check out Our Finite World, Gail Tverberg's blog



Peak Oil

By Bradley Jarvis

Where did all the oil go?
They say we've still got half.
The rest is really hard to get;
Our kids'll get the shaft.

Where did all the oil go?
We blew it on the run.
Algae died and fossilized
So we could have some fun.

Where did all the oil go?
We burned it in the air.
With cars and trucks and SUVs,
We made nice weather rare.

Where did all the oil go?
We built a lot of stuff.
The rest of nature paid the price;
Soon we will have it rough.

Where did all the oil go?
It's all around us now.
We'll eat and breathe and live in it
Until our final bow.

Copyright 2006 Bradley Jarvis. All rights reserved.



Our mission: to educate ourselves and the public about "peak oil" and all subjects related to the need to promote a sustainable energy economy.  

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